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At the moment we are collecting memberships in order to organize the “Berliga Indoor Soccer Tournament 2019 that will take place starting from September 2019 here in Berlin.The tournament will consist of 6-8 teams facing in an Italian Round-robin tournament.Participating it’s really easy, you have just to enroll.We will create the different teams following the directions you give us by filling out the form. We operate non-profit, our goal is simply to put people with the same passion in touch.For any information, you can find us on Facebook at the page Fubles 5-A-side Berlin and at the Sports Arena Bobo Fuego on Saturday afternoon (well… not always of course!)
We(LaBerliga) do not sell or share your information with anyone else.We only collect information to organize and manage Laberliga and to inform you about LaBerliga news or information.
By Joining the league you are agreeing that Laberliga does not provide insurance coverage, is not liable for any injuries and is not responsible for stolen items.


We operate no profit but we still have some expense and this is a small contribution to support us.
Please pay 20,00 EUR to Sign Up.

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