Donuts and Dads Advance to Final
May 6, 2019
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July 22, 2019
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Real Social Dads Win Title


Final Recap

Real Social Dads triumphed over Shaktar Donuts 10-9 to win the La Berliga postseason title.  The final was tense and was decided by the narrowest of margins signaling that both the Dads and Donuts were at the top of their game.  All players were rated over a 7 in one of the greatest games in La Berliga history.  Gulam Zeynalli shined brightest for the Dads and took home Man of the Match in the most important game of the season.

For winning, every Real Social Dads Player took home a 25 euro credit for Macron.  Shaktar Donuts players each won a pair of Fubles shorts.



Alexandr Lazarev won the Best Defender award, Matteo Scicchitano won Best Midfielder, and Gulam Zeynalli won Best Forward.  All three players will take home a 1-month free subscription to Urbansportclub and a 33% discount on Buckle and Seam.  The six most active players also won a 1-month free subscription to Urbansportclub.

Radu Ichim of Birrareal won the most Man of the Match awards of the season, and for that, he won a 50 euro credit for Macron and a 50% discount on Buckle and Seam.  Tiago Machado played the most official games and won a Fubles bag and Carlos Corona, Antonio di Nunno, and Luigi Maisto played the most friendly games and were rewarded with a 1-month free subscription to Urbansportclub.

Raducu won the tipping competition by just one point and got  2 VIP tickets UNION BERLIN for his efforts.


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