New La Berliga Season Set to Begin
January 16, 2019
All Star Game Excites League ahead of Second Week
January 31, 2019
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La Berliga Off to a Bang


The first week back to life in La Berliga saw high scores and close matches.

Week 1 Recap

Reigning champions Birrareal trounced Atletico Madrink by a score of 34-17.  Star player Kado Damball led the line for Birrareal and turned in a Man of the Match performance, making him an early contender for top player of the season.  Atletico was outclassed, but Pedro Alves was a bright spot as the only player on his team to score at least a 7 rating.

In the second Saturday match, Pathetic Bilbao overcame the Real Social Dads and won 17-14Marcus Vieira displayed his flair and took home Man of the Match honors for the winning team, and he was aided by a strong performance from Piang Nattapark.  The Dads will have to recuperate after a tough loss, but they are still aiming to avenge their second-place finish of last season.

On Sunday, Shaktar Donuts slapped Werder Beermen and made out with an 18-7 victory.  Shaktar put in a powerful team performance, and all of their players scored above a 7 rating.  Tiago Machado stole the show for Shaktar and scored an impressive 7.75 rating.  The Beermen will have to take the week off to recover and come back stronger for Week 2.

All-Star Game and Friendly

La Berliga will take a week off from league play, and instead there will be an All-Star game and a friendly this weekend.

Both games will take place on Saturday, and the All-Star game includes some of the top talents across La Berliga. It will be sure to be a high intensity and high-scoring affair.  The friendly will take place at the same time, and it will be a great chance to enjoy some football and perhaps a couple of beers afterward.


Tipping Competition

Join the tipping competition here if you would like to partake in this year’s tipping and keep track of the tipping standings.

Top Players

Kado DamballMarcus Vieira, and  Tiago Machado were the Man of the Match winners this week.  They will take home a “Wildpack” from Wildcorn Popcorn and a 2-week trial for Blinkist.

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