Birrareal Lift Championship Trophy

Real Social Dads and Birrareal Set for Final Clash
December 5, 2018
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January 16, 2019
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Birrareal Lift Championship Trophy


To wrap up another whirlwind of a La Berliga season, Birrareal were crowned champions and won the regular season and playoff double.

Finals and Bronze Match Review

Birrareal claimed a finals victory by crushing Real Social Dads‘ hopes in a 24-19 finish.  Birrareal has proven they are the strongest team in La Berliga, and they are becoming one of the most decorated outfits in league history. Real Social Dads put up a valiant fight, and Valentino Pessina turned in a high-rated performance for the Dads.  But, it was not enough to overcome the favorites and the strength of Lisan Skenderi and Kado Damball.

In the third place match, Werder Beermen toppled Atletico Madrink by a narrow margin of 3-1 after a penalty shootout.  The Beermen showed why they were the favorites going into this match, but Atletico pushed the Beermen to the edge as the match was tied at the end of regulation.  But the Beermen pulled through in the shootout, and Matteo Pastori was the top performer in the game and helped power the Beermen to a third-place finish.

Award Winners

Each team claimed a prize based on their end of the season performance, and every player who played three games will receive a prize.  For winning the regular season and playoffs, Birrareal players will take home a 20 euro Marley Spoon coupon and a 25 euro credit for Macron.  Real Social Dads players won a Caseable smartphone case and a Fubles bag.  Pathetic Bilbao players are rewarded with a 20 euro credit for CleverShuttle and a one-month subscription for Mobike.  The Beermen won access to Bookbeat for one month and a 20 euro credit for CleverShuttle. Shaktar Donuts won a 2 week trial for Blinkist and a one-month subscription for Mobike.  Finally, Atletico Madrink won players won a free io freeware from The Temple and a 10 euro credit for Johnny Fresh.

Pathetic Bilbao’s Marcus Vieira was crowned the best player in La Berliga for winning five Man of the Match awards, and he won a 50 euro credit for Macron and a 50% discount on Buckle & Seam. Alexander Lazarev of the Real Social Dads won the Best Defender award, Werder Beermen’s Amin Khalaf won the Best Midfielder award, and the Best Forward award went to Marcus Vieira.  The three players also won a 30 euro voucher for Luudoo and a 33% discount at Buckle & Seam.

The six most active players won a free six-month subscription to Babbel.  The winners are Amin KhalafAlexander Lazarev, Juan David Giraldo, Luccas Braga, Babacar Diouf, and Roberto Roverso.

Capdom won the tipping competition and won two VIP tickets to Union Berlin.


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