A Week of Thrilling Matches in La Berliga

Goals galore in La Berliga
October 3, 2018
First half of La Berliga ends in style
October 17, 2018
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A Week of Thrilling Matches in La Berliga



This week La Berliga had some of the closest and most exciting matches the league has ever seen.

Week 4 Recap

Atletico Madrink defeated Werder Beermen in a nail-biting 27-26 finish.  The Beermen’s Amin Khalaf claimed Man of the Match, but it was not enough to overcome a team performance from Atletico Madrink.  Viktor Angelov shined brightly for Atletico as they secured their second win of the season.

In the first draw of the season, Real Social Dads and Shaktar Donuts played evenly to a 17-17 draw.  Salvo Davì was Real Social Dad’s top performer and he took home Man of the Match honors.  However, Shaktar Donuts had to equal the stellar performance, and strong team play with an average performance rating around 7.4 ensured the draw for Shaktar.

Last but not least,  Pathetic Bilbao beat league favorites Birrareal in a down-to-the-wire 23-21 game.  Pathetic Bilbao is off to a much better start than last season, and they currently sit in first place after beating last season’s champions.  Marcus Vieira of Pathetic Bilbao won the Man of the Match honor despite a strong performance from perennial Top Player, Birrareal’s Kado Damball.  The loss means Birrareal faces an uphill battle to return to last season’s glory as they have lost two games in the young season.

Week 5 Preview

In the first match, Pathetic Bilbao will look to strengthen their top league position against Atletico Madrink.  With a win, Athletico Madrink could pull even with Pathetic Bilbao on points, so it will be a hard-fought game between the two teams.  However, Fubles is heavily favoring the league-leading Pathetic Bilbao to strengthen their position.

Next, Werder Beermen face Shaktar Donuts.  The two teams sit at the bottom of the table, and they will be looking to turn around their fortunes in this game.  The Beermen narrowly lost their last game, and Shaktar drew, so it could be another tight La Berliga game.  Fubles seems to think so too, so this could be a game that is difficult for tippers to predict.

In the last game of the week, Real Social Dads and Birrareal will clash.  Real Social Dads are one point ahead of Birrareal in the table, and they would consider that to be in good shape early into the season.  On the other hand, Birrareal will be hungry to avenge last week’s loss.  Despite Real Social Dads’ league position, Fubles is giving the upper hand to Birrareal.

Tipping Competition

Join in on the tipping competition here while the league season is still young.  Due to the draw, no tipper guessed all three games correctly, so it is still possible for anyone to catch up on top of the table Asebasti who has 11 points.

Top Players

Salvo DavìAmin Khalaf, and Marcus Vieira were the three Man of the Match winners this week, and they won a  Wildcorn Popcorn “Wildpack” and a two week trial to Blinkist.  At the end of the season, the top player overall will take home a duo of prizes: 50 euro credit for Macron and a  50% discount at Buckle and Seam.

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