La Berliga gets off to a flying start

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September 12, 2018
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September 26, 2018
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La Berliga gets off to a flying start


The first round of games are in the book, and a compelling season is already beginning to take shape.

Week 1 Match Report

First, the Shaktar Donuts beat Atletico Madrink 13-11. The Donuts put in an all-around team performance and all six players heavily contributed to the victory.  Fabio Pescante took home Man of the Match honors with his 7.36 rating.  Atletico Madrink finished better than the Donuts last season, but they got off to this season on the wrong foot.

Next, defending league champions Birrareal started strong with a 22-10 defeat of Werder Beermen.  Birrareal downed the Beermen handily in typical Birrareal fashion.  One of last season’s top players Kado Damball was named as the Man of the Match and scored an impressive 7.67.  The Beermen only had one player score a 7 or above and will lick their wounds before facing other La Berliga competition.

In the last match of the week, the Real Social Dads came out on top by a score of 22-10 against Pathetic BilbaoSalvo Davì turned in one of the best performances of the week and scored a 7.67 for the Dads.  His team’s fatherly instincts put Pathetic Bilbao to shame, and the loss means Bilbao will have to try again next week for their first win of the season.

Week 2 Preview

Birrareal faces Atletico Madrink in a match where Atletico Madrink will be hoping to turn around their fortunes.  Birrareal started the season where they left off, and they look like an early favorite for the league title.  Fubles is predicting the defending champs to be winners in this game by a wide margin, so Atletico Madrink faces an uphill battle.

In the second match, Shaktar Donuts and Pathetic Bilbao will take the field.  Fubles gives a slight edge to Shaktar Donuts, and they will be the favorites for many as they won their first match of the season.  But, Pathetic Bilbao will be hoping to revenge their first loss of the season and begin to set the season on the right track.

Lastly, Werder Beermen and the Real Social Dads will square off.  No two winning teams will play each other in the second round of matches, but in this match, Fubles is predicting the losing team to win their first match.  Despite Real Social Dad’s impressive first week win, the Beermen are favorites for this match according to the predictions.  The Beermen faced a heavy defeat to Birrareal, but they will hope it was just a fluke.

Tipping Competition

Join the La Berliga tipping competition here for your chance to win two VIP tickets to Union Berlin.  User capdom had a perfect first week and shot up to first place with 5 points.  It is still early and there have only been 12 entrants, so your chance to come back and win is still high.

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