La Berliga Captain Interviews and Season Preview

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June 20, 2018
La Berliga gets off to a flying start
September 19, 2018
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La Berliga Captain Interviews and Season Preview


La Berliga is back and better than ever.  Games start on Saturday 15th, and we are here to give you a season preview and talk to the captains of all La Berliga teams.  Some have some interesting answers and opinions, so leave your responses below if you disagree with any of the controversial takes.

Season Preview

Birrareal dominated last season and easily won the league, but Shaktar Donuts took home both cups.  But, the new season allows for endless possibilities, and every team begins on a level playing field.  Will a new team step up, or will we see familiar faces lifting trophies? Only time will tell.

We’ll take a look at the first round of matches to see what we can expect from a restart of La Berliga play.

First, we will see Shaktar Donuts take on Atletico Madrink.  Shaktar Donuts struggled during league play, but they played superbly in the cups and won a double of cup trophies.  Atletico Madrink was higher in the table, but they were unable to challenge for the title.  Both teams will be hungry to improve on last season, and Fubles is predicting a tight match for them to start the season.

Next, Werder Beermen face the reigning champions Birrareal.  Birrareal were unstoppable in the league last season, and a big win streak at the beginning of the season held off the rest of the pack.  Werder Beermen only placed sixth last season, so the smart money would be on Birrareal, but it is a whole new season.  Fubles seems to think it is someone else’s time to shine, and they picked Werder Beermen as slight favorites.

Finally, Pathetic Bilbao versus Real Social Dads rounds out the first day of matches.  Pathetic Bilbao was the closest competitor to Birrareal’s dominance, but ultimately they came up just short and finished second place.  It was Real Social Dads first season, and their fourth-place finish did the proud.  This time out, it looks like Real Social Dads have a slight edge in the prediction.



Here are the six questions we asked each team’s captain:

  1. What does La Berliga mean to you?
  2. Who will lift the coveted league championship this year?
  3. Who is the best/worst player in La Berliga?
  4. Who is the worst team in the league?
  5. What was the greatest moment in La Berliga history?
  6. Who is the best drinker in La Berliga?



  1. Breaking legs friendly and drinking beer
  2. According to betwin, Birrareal is given 1,1
  3. The stats say half truth: Me and Scicchitano
  4. The others
  5. Semifinal of last season cup
  6. Montagner, when he comes

Pathetic Bilbao

  1. Old and new friends playing football having fun together.
  2. Pathetic Bilbao, obviously.
  3. I won’t answer to this, there are newcomers, who knows.
  4. Us but we will win anyway
  5. Dinner together.
  6. Me.

Atletico Madrink

  1. LaBerliga combines the best of the two worlds of players – the hobby players and the ones, who are willing to die on the field!
  2. After the second place in the first season, MaDrinkers are thirsty to go for the first!
  3. Worst player is the one, who watches the opponents making the goals
    Best player is the one, who fights until the end and does the best for his team
  4. Worst team is the one, which do not play as a team and count on good technical players only.
  5. When you determined and possess the will, as a team you can start from the bottom and become the first!
  6. MaaDrinkers of course, especially, Pedro and Stefano

The Real Social Dads

  1. Football and beer combination
  2. Shakhtar
  3. Best: Carlos, Worst: Me
  4. Birrareal
  5. to have a dinner and a lot of beer after the game
  6. Alex

Werder Beermen

  1. Running after a rolling ball to forget the hangover; searching for a free slot during the week and despairing because of the free slots on Friday; kicking friends with a jersey of different colour and yelling against the other ones; giving everything like a pro on the pitch and remembering why you pay to play at the end; drinking as many beers as possible after the match to have a reserve of alcohol to dispose the next week.
  2. Werder…we have the man, who controls the money…Claudio “il padrino” Chiacchia
  3. So many good players are there…best “sorry for delay”: Carlos; best flying-man: Luca (the young-one); best shower-man: Matteo Pastori; best ass-to-kick: Gulam; best video-maker: Anton; best group-creator on “what’s up”: Hugo; best questions-maker: Angelo; best answers-man: me!
  4. In the league, Shaktar…they always wait for the cup!
  5. The time when Frank took us to the S-bahn stop with the bobofuego minibus! (second one, the moment Domenico lost his first match!)

Shaktar Donuts

  1. LaBerliga was in the first period here in a new city, and it’s still today, the chance to get in contact with new great people. Some of them became a sort of friendship and it is the main goal of our tournament. Have fun, play football and meet new interesting people!
  2. Of course my team…let’s do the triplete this season! My favourite one is my amulets Benjamin “strip one” Campana…shaktar’s cantera
  3. Worst player: probably the one that after have committed a foul doesn’t apologise
  4. Worst team: the one where Domenico capotorto plays
  5. The greatest moment: the first day of the past season when we got the new shirts and took some pics of the starting season
  6. Best drinker: Fabio pescante , my radler’s mate

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