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June 8, 2018
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September 12, 2018
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As you know we operate non-profit, our goal is simply to put people with the same passion (= football) in touch. We organise tournaments for international people and other people, who moved to Berlin recently and do not know anybody but who love playing football.


We have started just 6 months ago and grew already to approx. 350members, with a tendency for further growth.

We would be glad to cooperate with you and invite you to become our sponsorship partner for the next season starting in september

Ways for cooperation

There are plenty of option for cooperation with us:

1. Constantly, we organise events for all participants in the tournament, e.g. for meeting up eat and drink together or spontaneous beer drinking after the football game. All this events are a great way to sponsor us and/or to drag attention to your product for marketing purposes.

2. We can advertise your product on our website and to our sponsors where we got many regular viewers.Apart from general statistics about players, teams and we also offer a tipping competition for each of our games.

3. We can use you product during our games by doing a show-off in the football arena, Bobo Fuego. There you will get direct customer feedback and direct marketing of your product.

4. Furthermore, if our members get interested in your product this can lead to an interest in buying your product, so we can organise a mass-order with a discount from your side.

5. The easiest way of co-operation is receiving a coupon or a discount with a price reduction of certain percentage %.

At the end of the mail you will see sample of the promotion we are doing with our current sponsors/partners.


Your benefits:


  • LaBerliga offer great ways to distribute your product, especially, in the trendy, international city Berlin = New potential customers
  • Mass-purchasing of your product at once
  • Marketing and advertisement of your product to all our members + partners + sponsors – with relation to an event or a context where you product is in use (= storytelling)



Please, find us also here:

Official website:




We would be glad to hear from you about a possible cooperation. If you have further ideas, please, do not hesitate to provide them to me.

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