Shaktar Donuts Win Second Cup of the Season

Emmy Sponsors La Berliga’s SuperMega Cup Final
May 31, 2018
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June 8, 2018
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Shaktar Donuts Win Second Cup of the Season

Shaktar Donuts won the SuperMega Cup Final, winning their second in back-to-back weeks.  The Donuts prevailed over league winners Birrareal by a score of 25-17.  Shaktar Donuts won the cup final to make it to this final, and they will be very pleased with their cup performances after seventh-place league finish.

Juan David Giraldo led the Donuts to victory by putting in a Man of the Match performance.  Marco Rizotti and Giacomo Dall’Aglio also put in stellar shifts for the winning team that was powered by an all-around team performance.  The winners will each receive 25 free minutes on  Emmy, La Berliga’s newest scooter sponsor.

Birrareal stumbled in the two cups, but they can still hold their heads high after an impressive league campaign.  The team will be looking to come back strong for next season to win even more silverware.

The next game will be the La Berliga All-Star Game next Saturday at 16:00.   La Berliga’s brightest stars will take the field for the last hurrah of the season. Kado Damball and Marco Rizzotti lead the way for the Black Shirt team and Carlos Castelló Juan and Utku Turel are the top players for the White Shirts team.

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