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March 1, 2018
La Berliga’s Second Half Off To A Flying Start
March 14, 2018
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La Berliga Reaches Half Time

Norwegian Referee Svein Oddvar Moen blows his whistle during the game between AFC Ajax and Manchester City during the UEFA Champions League Group D football match against Ajax and Manchester City at Amsterdam ArenA in Amsterdam on October 24, 2012. Ajax won the game 3-1. AFP PHOTO / ADRIAN DENNIS (Photo credit should read ADRIAN DENNIS/AFP/Getty Images)


La Berliga has reached the half way point of the season.  The table is starting to shape up and favorites to win the league are shaping up.

Week 7 Match Reports

Werder Beermen dunked Shaktar Donuts in a 13-11 triumph of high caloric proportions.  Werder Beermen had several strong performers, but Amin Khalaf  stole the show with a 7.42 rating and Man of the Match performance.  The win helps Werder Beermen begin their climb out of the depths of last place, and Shaktar Donuts fall to only one point behind the Beermen.

Next, Rubin Kebab, skewered rival Atletico Madrink 26-22. Every Kebab player scored over a 7 rating, but it was Lisan Skenderi and Loris Bazzani who stole the show with 7.5 ratings.  It was a much needed result for Rubin Kebab to right the ship of their season as they look to recapture past glory. Atletico Madrink on the other hand continue to slide down the table and will be looking to regroup at the half way point.

Birrareal absolutely smashed Real Coholics 20-6, asserting their dominance over the league.  No one has been able to stop the mighty Birrareal, and the Real Coholics haven’t been the first to fall to their might.  An impressive all-around team performance was capped off by a Man of the Match performance from Babacar Diouf.  Real Coholics might have to have an intervention after this beating, but they will continue to fight for victories.

Finally, Pathetic Bilbao topped The Real Social Dads by a score of 25-20Marcus Vieira had a record-high rating for the season with an 8.5, and other Pathetic Bilbao players also scored highly.  The Real Social Dads also had high-performing players, and their second half of the season looks promising.  With the win, Pathetic Bilbao moved to sole second place, but they face an uphill battle as they are nine points behind league leaders Birrareal.

Week 8 Preview

The first matchup of La Berliga’s second half pits Atletico Madrink versus Shaktar Donuts.  Both teams come off of tough losses and will be raring to get back on track.  Both sit on seven points and their first face-off made for the only draw of the season so far.  Fubles predicts this one also to be a close game, but they give a slight advantage to Shaktar.

Next, we will see a beer-driven match between Real Coholics and Werder Beermen.  Werder Beermen had to forfeit the first game between these two, so we are in uncharted territory as this will be their first competitive head-to-head match.  Fubles favors Real Coholics, but the Werder Beermen will be hungry to continue their winning streak.

Pathetic Bilbao and Birrareal make up the third game of this week.  As Birrareal has won all of their games, they were the victor’s in this pair’s first match.  But, can Pathetic Bilbao avenge this loss and do all other teams a favor by knocking off the seemingly unbeatable Birrareal?  The predictors don’t think so, and it would seem the safe bet is for Birrareal.

In our final match, The Real Social Dads will take on Rubin Kebab.  The Real Social Dads will be hungry for a win after some recent losses, so Rubin Kebab must fend off these famished fathers.  Rubin Kebab won the first game between these two by five goals, and Fubles believes a repeat performance to be likely.

Tipping Competition

Once again, La Berliga results continue to confuse tippers as no one guessed all four games right, in fact only a handful guessed three correctly.  Andreap85 remains on top of the table with 22 points, but there’s plenty of competition looking to catch him in the second half of games.  It is still worth it to join the tipping as you get 25 euros from Skybet just for participating.

Top Players

Our four Man of the Match winners for this round of games are Amin KhalafLisan SkenderiBabacar Diouf and Marcus Vieira.  Congratulations to all four MVPs as they are awarded 10 km free on Driveby.  Lisan SkenderiBabacar Diouf and Marcus Vieira  all join Kado Damball on top of the table with three Man of the Match winning performances.

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