La Berliga Outshines Super Bowl Sunday

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January 31, 2018
La Berliga Leaps Forward
February 14, 2018
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La Berliga Outshines Super Bowl Sunday

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On a rare set of Sunday games, La Berliga showed off their skills.

Week 4 Match Reports

In our first match, Birrareal triumphed over Atletico Madrink 20-16 in a top-of-the-table clash.  With the win, Birrareal solidifies itself as an early favorite to win the league.  Kado Damball put in a Man of the Match performance for the winners, along with solid performances from Matteo Pastori and Alessandro Guerra.  A 7.2 rating from Timo Krijkamp was not enough for Atletico Madrink, who will need to bounce back in the following weeks.

Next, The Real Social Dads added another win to their tally after their 20-15 beating of Werder Beermen.  The win throws The Real Social Dads back in the mid-table mix, while Werder Beermen sit near the bottom hoping to improve their luck.  Salvo Davi earned Man of the Match with a big performance proving he is one of the best forwards La Berliga has to offer.  Werder Beermen saw two of their players, Amin Khalaf and Hugo Silva, achieve over a 7 rating, and an improved all-around performance will be sought after in future weeks.

In a surprisingly low-scoring affair, Real Coholics and Shaktar Donuts tied their match 1-1.  Real Coholics maintain their unbeaten start to the campaign with the  while Shaktar Donuts rise out of last place.  Fabio Pescante of Shaktar Donuts won Man of the Match honors pipping Real Coholics’ Endrit Sino to the award.

The final match of the four proved to be an exciting spectacle as Pathetic Bilbao trounced Rubin Kebab by a score of 19-13.  The marks Pathetic Bilbao’s first of the season, and surely their players celebrated with great relief after the match.  On the other hand, Rubin Kebab continues their slide down the table after the glory of last season.  Ayoola Solomon bossed the midfield for Pathetic Bilbao with a 7.47 rating and Tiziano Chiaromonte led the line with a 7.39 rating. Quentin Bergomi shined, but in the end he and Rubin Kebab were skewered.

Week 5 Matchups

Next week La Berliga returns to it’s traditional Saturday timeslot, and the first match is between Atletico Madrink and Real Coholics.  Atletico Madrink will hope to close the gap for second place with a victory, while Real Coholics are two points behind first and chasing top of the table.  Fubles favors Real Coholics, but perhaps Atletico Madrink can show off their scoring prowess and overcome the odds.

Shaktar Donuts vs. Pathetic Bilbao takes up the second slot of games.  Pathetic Bilbao can build off their momentous first victory and propel it into a two game winning streak.  Shaktar Donuts will be hoping to return to their scoring ways after being held to one goal this week.  Only one point separates the two teams, however Fubles is heavily favoring Shaktar Donuts with 68%.

Top of the table Birrareal take on The Real Social Dads in our next matchup.  Will Real Social Dads pull of the upset of the La Berliga season, or will Birrareal assert their dominace?  Fubles seems to think Birrareal will come out on top, but never underestimate the underdog in La Berliga.

Finally, Rubin Kebab vs. Werder Beermen wraps up this week of matches.  Both teams will be sore after losses this week and will be out for blood, or just a win.  Fubles favors Rubin Kebab to turn around their fortunes in this matchup of last-place teams.

Tipping Competition

The tipping table is taking shape after four weeks of results.  There were no perfect scores in this week’s results thanks to a draw in one of the matches.  But, andreap85 extends his lead over the pack and now sits on 17 points.  Others are nipping at his heels, and in betting a quick turn of fortune would not be unexpected.  Keep tipping as you get 25 euros from Skybet just for participating.

Top Players

We have a new set of four Man of the Match winners: Kado DamballSalvo DaviFabio Pescante and Ayoola Solomon.   All of these winners are awarded 10 km free on Driveby alongside the pride of being the best in the match. Salvo Davi joins the group of three players to have won two Man of the Match awards this season, and another 10 players are waiting in the wings with one award.

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