La Berliga Off to Flying Start

La Berliga Scores Hat-trick of New Partners
January 12, 2018
Big Wins Mark Second Week
January 24, 2018
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La Berliga Off to Flying Start

La Berliga kicked off on Saturday with four exhilarating matches that set the tone for an exciting campaign.

Week 1 Match Reports

Birrareal, second place finishers last season, started out strong with a tight 22-20 victory over Pathetic Bilbao.  Fubles predicted a win for Pathetic Bilbao, but Birrareal were able to overcome those odds and start the season off with a crucial win.  Birrareal’s Babacar Diouf won Man of the Match with a 7.25 rating, and Matteo Pastori also played an integral role in his team’s victory with a 7.19 rating.  Pathetic Bilbao had strong individual performances including a 7.19 from Ayoola Solomon, but they could not come up victors against a tough opponent.

Unfortunately, Werder Beermen were forced into a 3-0 forfeit due to only having four men at the game. Real Coholics will take the automatic win, and they will have to look to next week to show the league what they are made of.  Despite the forfeit some football was played, and Basel Nour claimed the Man of the Match during this friendly with an impressive 7.36 rating.

Reigning champions Rubin Kebab picked up where they left off with a 20-15 win over new team The Real Social Dads.  Rubin Kebab put in a well-rounded team performance with almost every player receiving over a 7 rating.  Lisan Skenderi ended with the best performance, and he received the Man of the Match award.  As the losers, The Real Social Dads received lower match ratings, but Gulam Zeynali and Angelo Sebastianelli put in impressive performances.  Rubin Kebab put the league on notice with the five-goal win, and The Real Social Dads will hope to bounce back and show that they can compete in the fierce La Berliga.

Wrapping up this week’s games was a 27-16 thrashing of Atletico MaDrink carried out by Shaktar Donuts.  The Donuts’ 11 goal win puts them in first place after the first round of games, and it stakes an early claim that they are a team to watch this season.  Matteo Scicchitano scored an outstanding 7.41 rating for Shaktar Donuts and won the Man of the Match showing why Fubles rates him as a God. Despite the scoreline, Atletico MaDrink’s manager Anton Wischnewski found some positives from the game saying that his team’s defense was great at times, however fatigue contributed to poor passing and decision making in the late stages of the match.  With this Shaktar Donuts were able to build a healthy lead, but Wischnewski believes his Atletico team’s fighting spirit will help them in later games.

Week 2 Matchups

The next round of games is set for January 20th. The four games are Birrareal vs. Rubin Kebab, Pathetic Bilbao vs. Real Coholics, Atletico Madrink vs. Werder Beermen and The Real Social Dads vs. Shaktar Donuts.  The tipping competition is in full swing, so don’t forget to join and pick the games here.

The first matchup Birrareal vs. Rubin Kebab promises to be an intriguing clash between the two top finishers from last season.  Birrareal will hope to avenge their second place finish and continue their winning form after an impressive win over Pathetic Bilbao.  Likewise, Rubin Kebab will be looking to increase their winning streak to two games.  Fubles predicts the game to go in favor of the former champions, but Birrareal and their star man Domenico Capotorto will hope to change that result.

Next, we will have two teams out to prove something, Pathetic Bilbao and Real CoholicsPathetic Bilbao will be eager to put their first win on the board, and Real Coholics will be hungry to prove their worth after winning by forfeit in last week’s matches.  Fubles gives a slight edge to Real Coholics, and hopefully they will have recovered in time from celebrating last week’s win.

To start off the second pair of two games, we have Atletico Madrink and Werder Beermen.  Importantly, Werder Beermen will need to get enough men to the field in order to set the record straight and show the league that they are ready to play.  Atletico Madrink is a favorite to win, but if Werder Beermen get their key men involved it will be a close encounter.

Finally, The Real Social Dads will take on Shaktar DonutsShaktar Donuts won with an outstanding goal margin, and The Real Social Dads will be fighting for their first La Berliga victory. Fubles heavily favors Shaktar Donuts after their big win last week, so The Real Social Dads will face an uphill battle to prove the doubters wrong.

Tipping Competition

Onto the tipping competition, where we witnessed a perfect score from andreap85 which puts him firmly at the top of the tipping table with 6 points.  Behind him are four people who correctly predicted three matches.  Only one user out of 12 entries, CarlosCJ, picked all four games incorrectly, but fortunately there are many games remaining to tip the table in anyone’s favor.

Top Players

And last but not least we have the Top Players table where the La Berliga player with the most Man of the Match awards at the end of the season receives a free Macron jacket.  After the first round of matches we have four players to watch out for, Babacar Diouf, Basel Nour, Lisan Skenderi and Matteo Scicchitano, who will also receive a free 10 km on driveby for their Man of the Match performance.  Perhaps one of these four is an early favorite to take the La Berliga Top Player and the Macron jacket, or someone else yet to claim an award will run away with some match winning performances.

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