La Berliga Scores Hat-trick of New Partners

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January 10, 2018
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January 17, 2018
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La Berliga Scores Hat-trick of New Partners

Prior to the kickoff of the new season La Berliga has gained three new and important sponsors.

First we have Readly, use this link to get a one month free subscription to all your favorite magazines.  We’ll see who the most well-read La Berliga player is with this sponsorship.  Readly offers over 2,500 magazines (including Time, Forbes and Sport Bild) that can be read online or offline for only €9,99 a month with a subscription service that can be cancelled at any time.

Secondly, we have Rawster Foods, where you can receive a 20% discount by using the code “BERLIGA”.  Players will able to refuel with nutritious and healthy food from with options like protein shakes and superfoods to gain an edge over the competition.  Along with a line of vegan protein, diet shakes and superfoods,  on their website you can also find recipes to best use the foods you buy.

And for the hat-trick, we have Lunch Vegaz, with a 15 euros voucher available here. Another healthy option where La Berliga players can get a variety of delicious vegan meals.  Lunch Vegaz offers vegan dishes from around the world and vending machine options for convenient and healthy food on the go.

From reading to protein shakes and healthy vegan eats, La Berliga has you covered, and is preparing it’s players for the long season ahead with some smart and healthy choices.

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