La Berliga Kicks Off!

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January 8, 2018
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January 12, 2018
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La Berliga Kicks Off!

Ringing in a new year and an exciting new La Berliga campaign are four competitive matchups involving all eight teams in the growing league.  We start off with two matches at 14:30 featuring Birrareal vs. Pathetic Bilbao and Werder Beerman vs. Real Coholics.  The second game at 16:00 include Rubin Kebab vs. Real Social Dads and Shaktar Donuts vs. Atletico MaDrink.  Don’t forget to bet in the tipping competition for the upcoming weekend’s games here . The winner of the tipping competition will receive 2 VIP tickets for UNION and each participant will receive 25 euros of Skybet credit, so don’t miss out!

Birrareal vs. Pathetic Bilbao

This promises to be a close matchup with Birrareal finishing second and Pathetic Bilbao third in the previous La Berliga season.  Fubles predicts Pathetic Bilbao as the favorites with a 69% chance of winning.  Those are quite the odds!  Birrareal’s balanced lineup will have to counterbalance Pathetic Bilbao’s lethal attack, and while the odds are quite favorable to Pathetic Bilbao, one cannot count out Birrareal after their third-place finish in the previous season.  Despite the long odds for Birrareal, they might be a good bet as a dark horse considering they finished only one place behind Pathetic Bilbao last season.


Werder Beerman vs. Real Coholics

Werder Beerman will be looking to improve on their last place finish in last year’s La Berliga, and they come againt Real Coholics who finished one spot ahead of them.  Both of these teams will be eager for revenge and to restore pride to their illustrious club names.  Fubles is predicted a nail-biter here, giving an ever so slight advantage to Real Coholics with a 52% chance of victory versus Werder Beerman’s 48%.  The most compelling matchup of the game will be between the team’s two top-rated players, Real CoholicsErik Ivaldi and Werder Beerman’s Dani Hodovic.  Will the defender Ivaldi be able to shut down the attacking prowess of Hodovic, or will Hodovic’s striking boots will prevail?  Only time will tell, but I believe it’s fair to say that it will be a fierce matchup until the beers are passed out after the game.


Rubin Kebab vs. Real Social Dads

Reigning La Berliga champs Rubin Kebab take on a new team to the league Real Social Dads.  Will Rubin Kebab keep their momentum going and how will Real Social Dads balance their family, social and soccer responsibilities?  We will have some more answers after this game which, according to Fubles, has a 55% chance of going Rubin Kebab’s way.  This still gives hope to the upstart Real Social Dads led by two highly rated players in Momo Djo and Gulam Zeynalli.  They hope to compete with the high ratings of Rubin Kebab including a stunning 7.4 for forward Lisan Skenderi.


Shaktar Donuts vs. Atletico Madrink

Atletico Madrink is the other newcomer to La Berliga, and they are faced with stiff competition in their first game in Shaktar DonutsFubles is predicting a Shaktar Donuts’ win with a 63% chance.  The Atletico players will definitely need to find someone to hold their drinks during this tough entry into La Berliga.  Shaktar Donuts boasts a lot of talent including Matteo Scicchitano who is rated as a “God” by Fubles.  Will the likes of Luca Ludovici and Rodrigo Tinoco be able to stop this heavenly force and deliver Atletico Madrink their first La Berliga win?

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