Sometimes you need stronger drinks than wine or beer..

Wine is not only an important source of nutrition…
January 5, 2018
La Berliga Kicks Off!
January 10, 2018
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Sometimes you need stronger drinks than wine or beer..

We have yet another great logo partnering with what is becoming the best soccer league in Berlin – LaBerliga.

Berliner brandstifter
,guided by the vision of creating a gin that would embody the spirit of Berlin, Berliner Brandstifter extended its product range in 2013 and launched the Berlin Dry Gin.An experience for the senses, each bottle of gin takes you on a journey through the city’s sunniest days; 

Berliner brandstifterwill support LaBerliga by  rewarding the top players per role (defender,midfielder,forward) at the end of the season with one bottle of the finest Gin!


Furthermore each la berliga member will get a 10% discount on their online shop using the code “laberliga2018”


We’re looking forward to congratulating the winners of this season, and we’re thankful for our sponsors, partners and friends.

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