Wine is not only an important source of nutrition…

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January 4, 2018
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January 8, 2018
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Wine is not only an important source of nutrition…

We are happy to help our players to fight their thirst with another partner!

The best soccer league in Berlin – LaBerliga – just closed another partnership with one of the best winery in italy, Giovanni Iannucci 

Giovanni Iannucci, called Johnny, is a biological micro-producer and produces wine in his home’s garage in the Benevento area. Wines characterized by a note of freshness that dominates the salinity, and a fascinating, rich and original sip.


Giovanni Iannucci will support LaBerliga by rewarding each member of the team that will end the season at the 5th place with a great bottle of wine!

We’re looking forward to congratulating the winners of this season, and we’re thankful for our sponsors, partners and friends.

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