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December 18, 2017
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December 22, 2017
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And the Oscar goes to..

This is it, the end of the season! And Rubin Kebab is the Winner! Thanks to our partnership with MACRON , each team member with at least 3 games played has received a 25 euro discout to use for macron products.
Congratulations to all teams and players! You’ve made LaBerliga what it is today!
This week’s matches were dangerously intense – each team fighting for supremacy and trying their best to subdue their opponent.. even the ground was barely resisting under the players’ racing and skillful feet. Here are last week’s matches’ results:
BirrarealReal Coholics : 22 – 20 – Such a tight match, but Birrareal could have scored more..
Rubin KebabShaktar Donuts : 26 – 25 – Rubin battling for total points by winning against the oponent. Here you can see the one goal difference – a goal that made the champion.
Werder BeermenPathetic Bilbao : 21 – 34 – Major defeat against the 3rd ranked team – a team that has shown the world that when there’s good tactics expressed through teamwork, nothing can stand their way.
The final Team Ranking for this Season is as follows: Rubin Kebab on the first place, with 22 total points, 7 wins, 2 loses and 1 draw. Following them is Birrareal, a one total point difference – 21 – 7 wins and 3 loses. On the third place we have Pathetic Bilbao, managing a total of 16 points, 5 wins, 4 loses and 1 draw. Next up, Shaktar Donuts (12 points), 4 wins and 6 loses – Real Coholics (11 points) with 3 wins, 5 loses, and 2 draws and last, but not least, Werder Beermen (6 points) – only 2 wins and 8 loses.
In the Top Players section, Basel Nour has been rewarded with a 50 euro coupon from Macron. Holding 4 MOMs, he is the best player with the best Berliga score. Lisan Skenderi, who’s lost a few points from the last week’s match, gets the second place, with 4 MOMs also. Three players got the MOM award 3 times (Erik Ivaldi, Antonio di Biase and Matteo Scicchitano), and Hugo Silva and Carlos Castello Juan have earned 2 MOMs only each, but I don’t think that they’ve played at maximum capacity.. these two could have definitely done better.
The winner of the Tipping Competition in MatteoS with a total of 30 points, and he’s also been rewarded with a 50 euro coupon! On the second place we have Asebasti with 27 points. 3rd place is taken by Capdom (23 points) who wasn’t able to advance further and take these guys’ place. The rest of the ratings, in order, are: LucaLudo (22), Hugogilsilva (22), Crevette (18), LucaDF (16), CarlosCJ (11), Primo (6), Antonio Di Nunno (5), Alessandro (1) and Tamdan – with no points, unfortunately.
This season was full of crazy matches, great fun and a lot of sweat. Beer also. Players have proved themselves and their teams that by combining talent with passion, they can become champions. Friendships formed in hard times last forever, they say. Let’s hope that we’ll get at least the same energy from you guys in the next season. Finally, congratulations to the everyone involved in making LaBerliga a great Liga. Take Care! (see you in January!)

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