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December 11, 2017
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Until the last breath

Last week’s matches ended in some pretty interesting results: all losing teams scored 20 goals each. Real Coholics won against Werder Beermen (30-20), Rubin Kebab scored 23 goals and ended the match there with Pathetic Bilbao, and last but not least – Birrareal against the losing team – Shaktar Donuts (22-20). The next match is the last match of the season – Rubin must win against Shaktar Donuts, and Birrareal against Real Coholics. This means that both teams must be victorious this week, and if Rubin Kebab wins, they are champions.
Considering these results, the Team Ranking is as follows: Rubin Kebab and Birrareal on the first two positions, with a difference of only one point in the favour of Rubin Kebab. Up next is Pathetic Bilbao on third place, followed in the same order by Shaktar Donuts and Real Coholics. We’re expecting a change betweed these three teams, as their total points and results are pretty close. Lastly, Werder Beermen ended on the last place, but hopefully they’ll be able to recover and score a win in the upcoming match against Pathetic Bilbao.
Representing Top Players, there are five competitors that have been able to acquire 3 MOMs. These are, in order, with their own Berliga score: Basel Nour (736), Matteo Scicchitano (733), Antonio di Base (727), Lisan Skenderi (726) and Erik Ivaldi (691). Another honorable mention is Carlos Castello Juan (713), who unfortunately only managed 2 MOMs, less than in the last series of matches. Nevertheless, in the end, the Berliga score will make the difference.
In our Tipping Competiton Leaderboard, MatteoS and Asebasti are on the first place, with a total score of 25 points. On the third place though there’s Capdom, who’s experiencing a downgrade from the last week, now with a total of 21 points. Hugosilva is catching up with 20 points, but will he be able to take Capdom’s place on the third position?
If you’re interested in joining a team, or you want to play in the tipping competition, sign up here.

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