Better mobility for LaBerliga members

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December 6, 2017
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December 13, 2017
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Better mobility for LaBerliga members

We are pleased to announce a new partner for the next season of LaBerligadriveby.

It’s the leading independent car sharing solution in Germany – a young team from Berlin, who joined forces at the end of 2016 to supplement the car-sharing market with a real alternative.

Comfortable city cars for the short haul, cutting-edge models for your business appointments and even vans for your next move – they cover all your mobility needs – on demand. No more worries about gas or insurance costs, never car wash or park tickets again! Get in your car right where you need it and put it down at your destination..
They count on kilometers and not minutes, even if the ride takes longer, it’s still the distance that you’re paying for. Their goal is to make mobility better for all and to relieve the city and the environment, while also accompanying almost all mobility situations in a modern, urban lifestyle.

driveby will support our league in the following way:
1) 10 free KM if you use the code LABERLIGA during the registration;
2) 10 free KM for each Man of the Match;
3) 25 free KM for each player of the team that will finish next berliga as 2nd;

So what are you waiting for? Sign up here and get ready for a funky ride!

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