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November 29, 2017
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December 11, 2017
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Fatal Defeat?

A major head-on battle took place last week between our top ranked teams.. Birrareal, the great champion, lost the match against Rubin Kebab, with a score of 23 to 26 – not a big difference, taking in consideration the fact that some important players were missing from the losing team. Now, Birrareal is ranked second, which means that another win for Rubin Kebab may make them the champion. Shaktar Donuts also won against Werder Beermen (25 – 15), but Real Coholics lost the match against Pathetic Bilbao (21 – 36)- a team that’s got some promising gameplay and that’s expected to stay in the top 3 in the future.
After such results, Team Ranking is as follows: on the first place – Rubin Kebab (16 points), second – Birrareal (15 points), where both teams have won 5 matches from 8 played, third – Pathetic Bilbao (13 points) and the rest in consecutive order: Shaktar Donuts, Real Coholics and lastly – Werder Beermen.
Capdom still standing on the first place in our Tipping Competition, it’s more or less a false statement to predict another leader, although MatteoS and Asebasti are catching up. With enough success in their previous attempts at taking over the tipping throne, LucaDF and Hugogilsilva’s presence is becoming more noticeable. So given these versatile circumstances, anything can happen.
Two players earned the Man of The Match 3 times: Lisan Skenderi (Rubin Kebab) and Matteo Scicchitano (Shaktar Donuts) , followed by Erik Ivaldi, Antonio di Biase, Basel Nour and Carlos Castello Juan – all of which hold 2 MOMs. Following these events, it’s hard to tell who’s going to advance in our Top Players section, but one thing is certain – we’re going to have a proud winner – because in the end, the Berliga score will make the difference.

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