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November 23, 2017
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December 6, 2017
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Last week, Birrareal won against Werder Beermen (15-12), and Rubin Kebab also made a big hit against Real Coholics, winning with 20 to 18. This means that Birrareal and Rubin Kebab will face-off in the next series of matches – there’s expected a pretty promising confrontation..
Pathetic Bilbao represent their name perfectly, after their massive lost against Shaktar Donuts, with a score of 16-21. It seems like some of their players have a really bad reputation on the field, but I can be wrong. One never knows what such competitive LaBerliga teams are able to achieve in such a short amount of time.
Next up, we have our Team Ranking: with 5 wins and 2 loses from a total of 7 matches played – Birrareal – 1st ranked team, following with Rubin Kebab with only 4 wins, 2 loses and 1 draw on the 2nd place, and not to mention – Pathetic Bilbao with 3 wins, 3 loses and yet 1 draw also. Top three teams in LaBerliga‘s ranking entries – for now..
Surprisingly, after great results the last time too, Capdom got the 1st place in our Tipping Competition, gaining an advantage on the other 2 top contestands – MatteoS on 2nd and Asebasti on 3rd. Capdom is into some sort of winning spree, as with his last appearances he was able to get some momentum going and reach a spectacular total of 20 points! That’s more like it for a great impression!

Last but not least, 6 of LaBerliga‘s Top Players managed to achieve 2 Man of The Match awards, some with more matches played than others, or just a win to loss ratio that is lower. They are: Lisan Skenderi, Antonio di Base, Basel Nour, Carlos Castello Juan, Matteo Scicchitano and finally, Erik Ivaldi. It is worth remembering, however,that if two or more players hold the same number of MOMs at the end, the Berliga score will then make the difference.

This being said, we’re looking forward to the next series of matches, where top teams like Rubin Kebab and Birrareal will decide who’s got a better strategy on the field. Also, we’ll be able to follow the progress of an undiscovered potential in the Tipping Competition, a player whose time for a great score is near..



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  1. Hugo Silva says:

    Can you clarify Pathetic Bilbao comments?
    It is not nice to call us Pathetics, it was not a massive “lost” and much less pathetic, we started the game 0-4 due to two players being late… so in the end would be 16-17.
    Bad reputation of some of their players? I cannot speak for all, but certainly some isn’t all and one isn’t some and therefore generalizations are not good. In the games I played I saw nothing different from other teams.

    In the end we are all grown ups and it is for fun, there is no need for gossip talk and less need for the insult in the article.

    • angelo says:

      wow! So someone is reading the articles! Cool. Hugo, this is just for fun and beside the result the rest is just to make it fun! But let’s see what the author has to say, he may habe better sources 🙂

  2. Hey Hugo,
    I’m sure you were great ?
    As you might know, bad publicity is good publicity..
    Through these articles, I’m not trying to make you – as players and teams – look bad, but instead, as Angelo said, we’re trying to bring the audience closer through humor, and by creating an emotional state, so that everyone can have fun..
    More visitors means more people interested – more subscribers to the league and more players/teams.
    I hope that you can understand what my intentions are, and that in the end, it’s all good for the LaBerliga brotherhood…

    P.S. How the hell did you come up with these funny team names? :))

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