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November 17, 2017
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November 29, 2017
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It seems like there’s some hidden potential in our teams, as the last matchday left everyone surprised. After pressing from both sides, with supporters cheering their favourite team, Werder Beermen‘s players have developed some sort of gameplay strategy, as they won against the notorious Rubin Kebab, with only 2 goals in advance (24-22).
A 5-goal win difference was managed by Real Coholics against Shaktar Donuts (25-20), but it wasn’t that easy of a game for either sides. On the other side, Birrareal destroyed Pathetic Bilbao, the match ending with a score of 35 to 12 and Birrareal becoming the new leader. Now that’s a Hollywood win right there!

Three Top Players in this competition series were able to become The Man Of The Match 2 times – in ascending order, here they are: Basel Nour, Lisan Skenderi and Erik Ivaldi. They assured a fantastic performance and a delight to this thing that we call competitive sport: Football!
With MatteoS still leading the Tipping Competition, and a total of 17 points, he’s up for a Grand Slam! Asebasti got the 3nd place this time, with Capdom catching up and occupying 2nd position, scoring 15 points – a superb advantageous comeback and a danger for the 1st place!
The next gameday seems quite risky for all the teams, as Berliga is very competitive. After 6 games, the difference between the first team and the last one is of only 6 points – Bundesliga is boring after all, they couldn’t even manage such a score.

Will Rubin Kebab be able to win against Real Coholics? Maybe Pathetic Bilbao will get to win against Shaktar Donuts.. Werder Beermen still have a chance to take down another table leader – Birrareal..



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