MACRON will be the technical sponsor for LaBerliga 2018!
November 16, 2017
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November 23, 2017
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Are you the competitive type of guy that’s looking to have fun on the field but you are new in town and no friends to play with?
Do you enjoy team play and have some pretty cool skills with the ball?
What about a tipping competition – can you predict the future champion?
If you find yourself in any of these situations, then come and join us.
We operate non-profit, and our goal is to put people with the same passion in touch.
Our sponsor, Macron – the leading company in the production of sportswear in Europe, will reward the winners of each category:
– Best Team : a 25 Euro shopping spree for each player at the Macron Store in Berlin.
– Best Player : a beautiful Macron Jacket.
– Leader of the Betting Competition : 2 VIP tickets for Union Berlin.
So, what are you waiting for? With the new season of LaBerliga starting in early January, the deadline for joining us is December 15th.
Sign up HERE and get ready for the next-generation football competitions.



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  1. Kostandin says:

    I would like to ask when do you usually organize the matches because I have an internship and work tilp 5 pm. I am really interested in this organization. I would love to participate. Looking forward to your answer.
    Thanl you

  2. Milton says:

    Is 10 euro the only fee or do we need to pay everytime we play?

    • angelo says:

      10 euro is the fee for the get a jersey..and we pay the website and the rest. Then we have to pay the field..and this is 10 euros each game you play.

  3. Zlatan says:

    How competitive is it? What if my skill level isn’t SO great but I just want to play anyways?

  4. Finn Stenner Corbishley says:

    How long are the games and is it 11 a side? Do you only play one game per Saturday?

    • angelo says:

      the games are 90 mins. we play 5 a side with 1 on the bench.

      We only play on saturday…becuase is not easy to find a slot free at bobo fuego during the week.

  5. Slava says:

    If you guys could manage it, to organize the games during the week around 7-9 p.m. it would be just brilliant!

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