Interview with the manager of the Shaktar Donuts just before the season start!

Interview with the manager of the Rubin Kebab just before the season start!
September 21, 2017
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September 25, 2017
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Interview with the manager of the Shaktar Donuts just before the season start!

Interview with Matteo Scicchitano Böckheler manager of the Shaktar Donuts!

What the meaning behind your Shaktar Donuts?

The word Shaktar comes from shakhtyor which in Russian means “miner”.
Like many Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian teams, this also uses a suffix
(such as dynama, lakamatif, etc.) followed by the name of the city or region,
in this case Donuts. This should say enough about our current condition.

Who Would You Like Shaktar Donuts to Have Signed?


Is your team open to sign “Free Agent” players?

Generally, new requests undergo a first screening phase through stalking on the Social.
The standards to be accepted however are very low ….hence my answer: without any doubt yes!

What Would You Be Doing If You Weren’t a Footballer?

Probably the question should be: if you wouldn’t play football, do you think that football would still exist?
Module 1: first humility lesson to become a successful footballer

Where Would You Like to Play If You Were Unable to End Your Career at Shaktar Donuts?

In Catanzaro’s football club

Why Did You Choose Shaktar Donuts over BirraReal?

Because the name Shaktar recalls our working-class roots.I’m thrilled to think of the thousands of fans
who follow us every Saturday at the bobo fuego screaming with a single choir DONUTS, DONUTS!!

Will Shaktar Donuts win the tournament?

Sorry, I don’t like answering to rhetorical questions.

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